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PO Box 461

Shrewsbury, SY5 7WH

Phone:  01743 718052


Mobile:  07762 641778

    Registered UK Charity no. 1096556

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Shropshire Child Contact Centres – SCCC – run three Supported Child Contact Centres in Shropshire, and are Accredited Members of  the National Association of Child Contact Centres.  SCCC members running the centres are trained volunteers.  They are selected by interview, must give references and are DBS checked.  Members operate within the SCCC code of practice at every centre.


What is a Child Contact Centre?

It is a friendly, safe and neutral environment where children can meet a parent or other family members they might not otherwise see.


What is it like?

At a child contact centre the most important people are the children.  We like to create a warm, safe. sociable atmosphere where children and their families can relax and enjoy themselves.


How are visits arranged?

Visits are by referral.  This could be by a Solicitor, CAFCASS officer, Social Worker, Family Mediators or by a Court Order. The Manager should be telephoned to identify availability.  A referral form would then be completed and forwarded to the Manager. We do suggest that where possible, families attend for a PreVisit.  This will be arranged with the Manager.

Can I refer myself?

A self referral can now be accepted.  If you would like to come to the centre, the Manager should be telephoned on 01743 718052 or 07762641778.  An interview will be arranged for both parents. Or e-mail


What does the Child Contact Centre provide and what should I bring?

We provide toys, games, puzzles, books, refreshments, (at a nominal cost) play area and toilet facilities.  You might like to bring a favourite toy, special drinks and things like nappies.


Do I have to meet my former partner?

Not if you don’t want to.  Please make sure this is clear on the Referral form and we will arrange separate waiting areas. A parent must be with the child at all times.


How much does it cost?

It is a charity part funded by grants from CAFCASS,  SCCC fundraising  and donations. However, there is a referral charge of £50.  Please ring this office or Solicitors to discuss charges if necessary.


How often can I come?

This really depends on yourselves and when the centre is open.  Your Solicitor or CAFCASS officer will help you make arrangements and this must be agreed and entered in the referral form before the first visit


What happens if I cannot come?

Let your former partner and the centre co-ordinator know in advance.


Are any reports made about us?

A Shropshire Child Contact Centre is a Supported centre,  independent of the judiciary, social services or any statutory agency.  We do not make verbal or written reports about visits or take sides.  Our code of practice states that the only exception to this is if a child is believed to be at risk.  No Outside agencies are allowed during contact visits.


What do Child Contact Centres members do?

Child Contact Centres members are not responsible for looking after the children.  They register them, provide play equipment and refreshments (at a modest charge). Encourage play and generally manage the smooth running of the centre.


Are there any rules?

As few as possible!  However, the centre will be used by several families at the same time, so those we have ensure the safety of the children and consideration for others.

 SCCC works within the Data Protection Laws.Your personal information will be stored

            safely and will not be shared with any outside agencies. Full policy available to view.


Equal opportunities

SCCC aim to offer an equal service regardless of colour, disability, gender, race, religion or sexual orientation. Racist or other offensive remarks or behaviour will not be tolerated, any visitor acting in such a way will be asked to leave.

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